• Josef wins Dog Challenge and RUBOB under Mr Robert Bartram in Victoria
  • October long weekend - Friday In Canberra Archie (Craigend Chiliarch) DCC and Junior in Show, Kate (Collessie Kathryn Morley) won Baby bitch at her fisrt show 
    Saturday at the ACT Terrier Show - BOB and Junior in Show at ACT Terrier Show (Mr D Harris - USA). and our little Kate  won Baby of Breed today .
    In Wagga (Mrs V Morrow) Collessie Lady Maisrie BOB, Lochrin French Beret (Chester/Toffee Apple) DCC -
    Sunday in Wagga Josef DCC/BOB, Darby RDCC at not yet 7 months
    Monday's shows in Canberra young Archie won another BOB and not to be outdone Kate won Baby in Group and Baby Puppy in show 2, a nice weekend for her first shows, thanks Kathryn. (judge: Mrs Brown - Canada).
    In Walbundrie Josef DCC, BOB & BIG (Mr John Lowbridge) Darby RDCC, Collessie Golden Saffron Baby Puppy all weekend
  • Cairn litter born 7th July - Glenchess Feather in My Cap (Imp UK) x Collessie Mistress Quickly
  • Kelpie litter born June 30th, Cubberoo Charlee x Cubberoo Faith
  • Cairn litter born 22nd May - Glenchess Ginger (Imp UK) x Collessie Rosa Xanthina
  • Glenchess Feather in My Cap (Imp UK) has arrived in Victoria, he is owned in partnership with Lyn Barclay (Lochrin) and Jane Seery (Celtway), we are delighted to have him and excited about his future in Oz.
  • Jane is showing Collessie Mai Tai, daughter of Tquila and Jacob.
  • Cairn litter born early October - Collessie Bonnie Wanda produced my first Edric litter.
  • Cairn litters born early August to Tquila by Jacob and Maggie by Josef. 
  • Josef wins RUBIG and BIG
  • Big news! "Cubberoo" has been sold after 36 years in the Costello name and both breeds will be moving to "Erinbrook" Armidale in August 2010
  • Josef won RDCC , Intermediate in Show, Edric won Junior in Show, Savannah won Junior Bitch, Duchess won Minor Puppy in Show at theCTCNSW Championship Show 18th July 2010 under terrier specialist Laurel Donahue
  • Cairn litter born in the wee hours of 10th March, 2010
  • Josef wins 2 Intermediate in Groups
  • Cairn litter born 8th November, 2009
  • Kelpie litter born 23rd October, 2009
  • Wild Edric wins his 3rd Baby in Group in 2 weeks
  • Wild Edric and Josef win classes in Group at Walbundrie 5th Oct and RUBIG for Josefl
  • Success for Collessie at Canberra & District Sporting Terrier Club Show 3rd Oct, 2009 with Wild Edric, Cressida, Savannah and Josef (DCC & RUBOB)
  • Cairn litter born 22nd July,2009
  • Ch Collessie Archiduc Josef wins Best Gait in property classes, Junior in Show and RDCC at CTCNSW Ch Show 2009 (Simon Mills/ Mrs Dee Hyde)
  • Tquila Sunrise wins Best Head in Property Classes and Intermediate bitch at NSW Cairn Specialty, 2009
  • Celtway Savannah Rose wins Minor Puppy in Show at the NSW Cairn Specialty, 2009
  • Josef becomes Ch Collessie Archiduc Josef while still in Junior.
  • Cairn Terrier Club of NSW Championship Show to be held in Queanbeyan on 19th July, 2009 - entries and ads to be sent to "Cubberoo" Mungindi, 2406
  • Cairn litter born 25th May, 2009
  • Collessie cairns won or were placed in several classes at the CTCV judged by Mrs Ann Waugh (UK):  Wee Cock Sparra - 4th in Puppy Dog, Archiduc Josef - 1st in Junior Dog,  Celtway Scarlet OHara and Savannah Rose - 2nd and 3rd in Baby Puppy Bitch, Maggie Lauder - 3rd in Minor Puppy Bitch, Toffee Apple - 2nd Puppy Bitch.
  • Cairn puppies planned for May & July 2009  Also house trained bitch, nearly one, available.
  • Collessie Archiduc Josef wins Dogzonline Rising Star NSW and is 3rd Nationally for 2009. He also has earned 138 CC pts by 11 months.
  • Collessie Toffee Apple, owned by Lyn Barclay, wins Baby Puppy in Group at Bendigo Show.
  • Collessie Archiduc Josef wins Best in Group under breed specialist Mrs Pamela Harding then Puppy in Show (Dr G Cowie)at Junee Show and still a minor puppy.
  • Collessie Archiduc Josef wins Minor Puppy, Reserve Dog CC and RUBOB under Mr WR Irving (UK) at Canberra and District Sporting Terrier at just 8 months of age - well done Jane and Josef
  • Cairn litter born 19th September, 2008
  • Josef has now won multiple Baby in Groups, Baby in Show, Minor in Group and Minor Puppy at Melbourne Royal
  • Won the 'Finest Cairn Terrier Website' Award! from
  • Cairn litter planned for late September 08
  • CTCNSW Championship Show at Queanbeyan 20th July,08
  • Collessie Archiduc Josef being handled by Jane Seery has now won 5 Baby Puppy in Groups and a Baby in Show
  • New web site up and going for the NSW Yard Dog Association click here
  • New web site for the Cairn Terrier Club of NSW click here
  • Kelpie litter born 15th May, 2008
  • Border River Championship Yard Dog Trial on at Mungindi Show 24th & 25th May, 2008.
  • CTCV CH Show on the 4th May, 2008 at Skye VIctoria
  • Cairn litter born 30th January, 2008
  • Next Kelpie litter planned for mid January, 2008
  • Cairn litter born 27th October, 2007
  • The NSW Championship Yard Dog Trial was held at Mungindi Show 1st, 2nd & 3rd June 2007.  The first 2 days went really well with great weather and trialing conditions, but on Sunday when the NSW Championship was to be run down came the rain giving us appalling conditions.  However, to the competitors' credit, everyone realised how desperately the rain was needed and no-one complained. 
  •  Cairn litter born 22nd May, 2007
  •  Balbridie Dawn Mist wins RUBIS at the prestigous CTCV CH Show on 6th May, 2007 just weeks after recovering from a near fatal snake bite.  With 83 entered, Collessie won Junior Bitch with Collessie Inika Jaller, Intermediate Bitch, Reserve Bitch Challenge and Intermediate in Show with Balbridie Dawn Mist and Australian Bred Bitch with Craigend Candle Shine who was also in the final three for Bitch Challenge.
  •  Mungindi Show Society Inc. will be hosting the NSW Yard Dog Association State Championships along with the Border River Regional Championships on 1st, 2nd & 3rd of June 2007. 
  •  Litter born 25th November, 2006  - Cairn Terriers.